The Origin of Love (maxwelldemon96) wrote in talkawards,
The Origin of Love


Crash won the Oscar. I'm glad that Ang Lee took home the Oscar for Best Director, but c'mon. Two films, both raise important social issues. But Crash was the better made film overall. YAY!!! I didn't think the Oscar people could surprise us much.

Kudos to John for making fun of WTL and all the damn montages, and keeping the night enjoyable. Seriously, if they could afford all the montage/commercial time, couldn't they give the award receivers sufficient time to talk?

Steve Carell and Will Ferrell were awesome as well. What the hell was Ben Stiller thinking?

And, "It's Hard to Be A Pimp?" WTF? That was terrible. The Crash song was beautiful. I cracked up so hard when one of the Rappers thanked Jesus. So nice to know Jesus cares about pimps, and the many hardships they face.
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